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Reading Campaign

The myON team provides a series of fun, themed campaigns to encourage students to keep reading year-round — and help the adults in their families and communities support them —...

Participate in our Annual Summer Reading Challenge!

Title I funds can be used to help students learn to read and read to learn with myON.  Here's how. 

Real-time Data

Learn how myON seamlessly measures reading with reading, not just quiz scores!

measures reading with reading

myON provides opportunities to practice with books that match learner interests and reading levels outside of school time. Learn more.

Extend the Schooldays with myON

myON News delivers developmentally appropriate content, based upon current events, in a year-round daily news feed within the myON literacy ecosystem.

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Celebrate myON at ISTE 2017
Join us at Booth 2234 to celebrate the launch of myON NEWS, surpassing more than 7.5 million readers on myON, and our recent industry recognition by The Edvocate!
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Aunt's and Uncle's Day
Your mother or father's sister is your aunt. What fun things do you do together? Read about what Aunts do!

Trailblazing Companies in Edtech: myON

The Tech Edvocate | July 24, 2017   The Tech Edvocate is pleased to produce its “Trailblazing Companies in Edtech” series. This series profiles the top edtech companies in the world. The Tech Edvocate’s editorial team has exhaustively researched companies in the edtech space to create this series. To frame our methodology, we decided to define the term edtech company broadly. In this series, you...